Illustrator, Filmmaker, Music Production, Writer

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"Interstellar Blue"

“Mercury Retrograde"


“Planet of Sound"


"The Outcast"

Released in 2019, I animated The Outcast myself, drawing hundreds and hundreds of images to create this animated short.  I used the "rotoscoping" method of animation, and the entire process took over 15 months to complete.  The Outcast won several awards across the globe!

"The Far-Out Mindwarp Variety Show"

I wrote, produced, directed, edited, and hosted all 5 episodes of this psychedelic variety show! Musical guests, educational bits, and giant lizards! This one has it all.

Professional Video Services

I have produced over 300 professional corporate videos in the last three years, primarily focused on brand awareness, education and marketing.  This specific video was created to educate LinkedIn users about the services provided by this company. 

Educational Animation

I was commissioned by the Marine Science Center in Florida to create an animated education video for visitors to access through one of the exhibit kiosks.  Next time you visit Ponce Inlet, check it out! 

Humble Beginnings

Animation and Filmmaking have been a part of who I am since I was a teenager.  This claymation film is called "Treasure of the Earth Giant".  We shot this in the late 70s using an old Cannon 8mm camera with a stop-motion feature.

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