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My name is Yuri Duncan, and welcome to my portfolio!

While spending nearly 30 years in the corporate sector as an upwardly mobile successful business person, I served as a Director of Business Development responsible for managing many third party relationships.  In parallel, I have freelanced as a successful artist and animator.  As I enter this next phase of my career, my goal is to marry the two careers as a full-time professional in the art and animation industry.

I started making animated films and comic books as a young boy in the 70s and 80s, and my passion for creating art has never waned. 

Inside you will find samples of my work - both art, graphic design, and animation, from across several years.  

I am currently working on a comic book about Jazz and other items of interest, which you will find samples of throughout.  

Drop me a note and let's talk! Also, you can check out my new company, Buchanan Creative Solutions at www.BuchananPlanet.com


Yuri Duncan spent the first 30 years of his career helping a Fortune 500 company develop and grow their business.  Simultaneously, Yuri nurtured a career as an artist, animator, and designer. His work has appeared in Billboard Magazine, Mann's Chinese Theater, NUVO and InTake magazines.

In 2017, Yuri launched his own Graphic Design and Animation studio - Buchanan Creative Solutions, LLC.

Be it a cartoon, comic book, or music video, Yuri is always working and innovating.  Contact him today to learn more about how you can work together to present your message in bold new ways!

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